Host Steve McManus

Forbidden America was an online, long-form interview program that began airing in 2011 on the Blog Talk Radio Network before moving to The Illuminati Network (now defunct). Created, produced and hosted by Steve McManus, the show delved into the topics no one else was touching. To broaden the spectrum of coverage, cohost Joseph Peterson from TruthIsScary.com was brought onboard. This show didn’t take sides but it didn’t flinch, either. Some of the material in our radio archives will make you squirm and some will intrigue you. You’ll find subjects here ranging from politics, homelessness, the paranormal, free speech, etc. The program stopped airing in late 2015.

The Samson C01U Pro

During the show’s hiatus, Producer Steve McManus developed a shift in perspective: Instead of continuing to pursue the serious, long-form interview format, a new approach was needed. Now the program is primarily observational comedy. WARNING: The program is NSFW and responsible parents should not let their children listen to any of it.

Forbidden America returns to the Internet in December 2017 under a new format. Host Steve McManus is producing a half hour format of comedy and commentary. The program is hosted on the Patreon network and has the opening monologue air free of charge on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.